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Lomography Instant Cameras are unparalleled when it comes to creativity – we have taken the humble instant and made it magnificent – think color gel filters, unlimited multiple exposures, 30 seconds of bulb mode, flexible flashes and much more, all on easy-to-use, affordable Fujifilm Instax Film. Enjoy Instant Days savings of up to 30% as well as fun freebies throughout May and June.
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Lomography Instant Cameras
Our award winning Instant Cameras offer unrivalled fun and creativity. With mini, square and wide formats on all you have to do is choose your favorite and get snapping.
Compact and customizable. The Lomo’Instant shoots magnificent mini’s in three shooting modes, comes with a built-in wide-angle lens and is compatible with many more.
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The Lomo’Instant Automat automatically adjusts its settings to your surroundings. It comes with zone-focusing, exposure compensation control and a lens cap that doubles as a shutter release.
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The Lomo’Instant Automat Glass boasts a multi-coated, wide-angle glass lens to reduce reflections and create the boldest, sharpest instant minis the world has ever seen.
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The Lomo’Instant Wide instants are twice as wide as the minis for twice as much fun. This camera features a fully programmatic shutter and automatic or creative shooting modes.
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Strong, saturated colors; rich, moody vignetting; and all the unpredictable effects that made its 60s predecessor an analogue classic on super-cool square instants. This beauty comes with an extraordinary amount of attachments.
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The world’s first dual-format, glass-lensed instant camera. The Lomo’Instant Square Glass has a unique foldable bellows design, self-timer, built-in flash and a perfect portrait lens for all your square and mini adventures.
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Go Wild for Lomo’Instant Wide
Some of our exclusive Lomo’Instant Wide editions are back in stock for a limited time only! Grab the opportunity to get seriously-good snaps in a professional setting thanks to its manual controls and handy PC sync socket to hook up to your studio strobes. Check out Anthony Ryan Tripoli’s top tips on how to make the most of the Lomo’Instant Wide when you’re shooting in the studio.
We’d like to thank the following photographers for their photos: Sunsern Poontavee, Sundae Kids, kumiko_hisa, BonesUK & Sarah Longworth
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