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The most popular photos from January, February and March. And the most popular photo of 2009, taken by stouf.
In case you have not been tuning into the blog everyday in the lead up to the New Year – we've done the math and put together the most popular photos of 2009! Each day you upload some 2,400 snaps, that's 100 an hour! From all of these we have taken the single most popular photo for each day as well as a collection of favorites from the month, using a combination of how many likes and comments they received. Want to see more, then go to the blog!
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The most popular photos from April, May, June and July. And the second most popular photo of 2009, taken by kkkkrissss.
Thanks to all Lomographers for showing us the inspiring beauty of analogue and congratulations to everyone who has their amazing shot in this lineup. We think you deserve a big Happy New Years kiss from our Piggy friends.
10 Piggy Points go to each person with a photo that was the most popular of the day: u-t-e, jelga, torium, inthesky, grad, stoonja, lomosexual_manboy, aton, werriston, anelfandhiszippo, vicuna, anarchy, lucasjakobsson, gemma81de, sonjabean, punck, eggzakly, sugiyamasatomi, ipdegirl, lomodirk, scootiepye, mephisto19, lolfox, eyecon, trash-gordon-from-outer-space, thycursed, adamscott, stouf, jeansman, alarm, patatero, kylewis, inlakech, japsix, kkkkrissss, tveden, zark, boredbone, paper_doll, reinertlee, spendospend, tmmluis, maxpinckers, specialblewah, -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-, daredeye, rater, cheriesu, superlighter, kokakoo, jeabzz, klickovic, teresa-canelas, mandashitley, calo, strangelilgirl, azurblue, cruzron, breakphreak, comezone, fuzk23, lomo_bernis, monoflow, adamo-75, callumbum, inotion, xdavil2, herrspecht, babo, novakmisi, goldie, larslau, yoscolmi, bravopires, sanapsara, myriam-l, wil6ka, fivedayforecast, saviorjosh, evev, stijn_b, zeitfenster, mr_kos-play, tracyvmoore, abcdefuck, dogma, ebolatheelectricmonk, shooooter, libellule, dirklancer, scorpie, herbert-4, macmarco, roblarosa, chikapop, girlkasia, mantozauras, mattydk, moochie_lomo, sarahboat, hansie14, lazara, panelomo, vstephanie, lomo_the_nations, chuo104, northwardnimbus, ilovemydiana, dfred, anabananaangel, kdstevens, liquidpapercut, edmund_li, iamafoolbutilovehim, krixers, eva_eva, sumlom, daby, patorayado, adbigmilk, myloveletter, karagodin, ivanvano, maximum_b, chong, o7a7k7, pasty, zohie, crayfish, lomographics, blackbyrd, iara_carvalho, shauni_sanderson, life_on_mars, shutteraddict, dazb, disdis, ethermoon, adi_totp, spncrwillis, kylethefrench, falsedigital, floting, deniselai, elede, klingsor, dannyfresh, harlomo, chichic, oldskool_rider, momac, plaidleaf, renaishashin, takuji, sister_x0, juznobsrvr, kernow_and_cambria, katya-leontyeva, little_porcelain, drofla, jorganelle, dmigor, GANGAN, chant0m0, romeria, xix_fury, cheeso, alaskawilde, lomo-camkage, michaelback, keironhillhouse, maco, future_analog, nerdcist, sadmafioso, lawypop, geltona, selene, j_robert, sunnybee, lakandula, lomovan, lomoteddy, myvitaminx, tatorepetto, scissorkix, thesarahshow, apolageta, misharashik, sp1rt, satomi, tallgrrlrocks, andyroadz, atompils, kingnate, copefan and kohelet.
30 Piggy Points go to all who had a photo that earned most popular of the month: thycursed, stouf, adamscott, mandashitley, stijn_b, torium, maximum_b, ilovemydiana, kdstevens, michaelback, renaishashin and kylethefrench.
60 Piggy Points go to the three most popular photos of the year: stouf, kkkkrissss and stoonja!
The most popular photos from August, September, October, November and December. And the third most popular photo of 2009, taken by stoonja.
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