What do analogue & digital mean to you?
Why are we doing all this?
What do you get for completing the survey? 15 piggy Points!


What do analogue & digital mean to you? Lomography wants to know! 
We are living in a digital age! When considering contemporary phenomena like digital life and digital death the question remains: what is left to be analogue nowadays? Moreover, what actually is "analogue" and what is "digital"? Despite their popular use, these fairly modern concepts have yet to be fully explored within popular culture.

What do analogue & digital mean to you? Lomography wants to know! 

So we have compiled a quick survey with 3 short sections in total. We want to know what the terms "analogue" and "digital" signify for you. It won't take more than a few minutes to complete because we only want your very general, quick and intuitive associations! Don't think too much about photography and the scientific definitions of analogue and digital but more about the general and unconscious connections these concepts hold for you.To say 'thank you' we will give you 15 Piggy points to spend in when you answer all the sections fully.

You have until 31 st July 2008 (just 1 week!) to submit your answers.

Complete the survey by Friday 25th July 15:00 CET and receive an additional bonus of 5 Piggy Points - making a grand total of 20 Piggies up for grabs!

Follow this link to get started...

Answer the questions here
Why are we doing all this?

Why are we doing all this?
There is so much still to explore in the analogue/digital debate! Lomography is an analogue photography and lifestyle organisation so understandably; we have a big interest in the matter! We had been thinking about doing a far-reaching survey for a while, but when we received an invitation to present at this year's Photokina, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Photokina is held every 2 years in Cologne and is the world's biggest photography and imaging convention. After we get all your completed surveys back, we will announce our findings and discoveries at the Photokina!

Why should you take part?

Why should you take part?
..because your opinions will be part of an important debate on art, creativity and lifestyle! Plus, you will receive 5 Piggy Points for each of the three sections of the survey you answer fully! These Piggy Points are online vouchers worth 1 $/Eur each in - that means you can pick up 15 $/EUR to spend as you like, just for filling out this survey! Thank you!

Answer the questions here
Why should you take part?
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