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As the home of all things Holga we are proud to serve all your Holga needs. Accessories, books, special editions, film, tips, tricks – you name it, we’ve got it. And with our ever-growing stash of Holga modifications you need never worry that the spark will flicker out of your special relationship.

The thrill-seekers among you will be pleased to know that in this edition of the Holga Mods Workshop we aim to stoke the fire of Holga obsession with some Action! The modifications, tips and tricks have a movement and motion picture theme. Perhaps you have never experienced the joys of Holga modification? If not, we assure you there is something for every level of expertise! So throw caution to the wind and embark on a devil-may-care Holga Mod experience.

Holga: The Movie

The first ever motion picture movie made by a Holga has been developed and completed by Chaweemek. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it yourself!

Chaweemek’s tools:
8 films
1 Holga camera
4 hours of walk around Vieux-Port de Marseille, Fr
745 photos
1 photo in every 5th step
50 hours of film scanning!

« Ever since I first imagined doing this project, I knew that I would need a lot of photos to make a smooth movment. But lots of photos mean high film and development costs and I can't affort that. So, this is how I modified my Holga to make it shoot around 100 photos on only one 135 film ».

1.First reduce the film-gate size. Tape up the 6x4.5 frame mask with paper and black tape. This will make a narrow rectangle (1.2 cm. wide) as a new film gate.

2. To make a film advance system that suits this new film gate, tape a small piece of plastic from film canister to the film container. Make sure that the tip of the plastic is inserted in a sprocket hole.

3.This will help me to know how much film i have to advance for each shot. No more counting click, just count the sound "tak tak tak" of the sprocket hole.

4. Cover the red window and now it's ready to shoot. As you can see my new film gate had become a vertical rectangle. But what I want is a panoramic image. So for each shot that I took, I have to turn camera 90 degrees.

5. After develop all the film. The negative will look like this

6. Now what left to do is scan all the photos, edit them in a movie editing program, put some sound on and YEAH!! Your first shot film ever made by the Holga camera is DONE!!!

See the finished movie on chaweemek’s About section at

Mandis Colorfilter Trip
Sometimes the simplest of mods can achieve the most astounding and moving results. Colour filters are the staple tool of stage and screen light technicians, they can also play some nice tricks when combined with your Holga. Mandi, aka the Mod-Father, says; “I always carry a set of some filters with my Holga”.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your colour experiments
1. Try to get a sample filter set from a theatre/film lighting technician or, even better, start to collect all the coloured transparent stuff you can find.

2. Cover you lens with the coloured filters and you are ready to go out and shoot. Just remember to adjust the exposure times according to the material in front of your lens or just use higher speed film.

Helpful Pointers

Each colour adds a certain mood to your pics, from cold frosty blue to warm lovely red. There is no way to find out which ones works other than to try it out with film.

Very dark filters are nice when you shoot against the sun. Some dark filters tend to boost certain colors by filtering out all the other colours. The dark purple ones particularly do this and reds come out very strongly.

The extended exposure demand is also perfect for double or multi exposures e.g. change the colour for the second shot.

A cool effect is created when the coloured filter does not fit perfectly across the lens. Try it!
Your Lights, Holga, Action Galleries
We said ”show us some action” and you willingly obliged. The Holga is a bit of a diva and should naturally be at the heart of the drama! Here is a gallery showing the pick of your Holga Action shots. Enjoy!

Holga MOtion Tips from You!
These splendid user generated tips have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to keep your Holga adventures full of excitement and experimentation. If you have any mods you would like to share, whether they are child’s play or head-scratchers, we want to hear about them! Send them to

HOLGA PANORAMIC submitted by Ambrosia
"Make a continuous panoramic image using your holga! Just follow these easy steps!
1.Take a picture.
2.Wind your camera only half-way to the next number.
3.Step sideways left to right (also known as "The Ambrosia Shuffle"), staying at the same distance and level from your subject.
4.Snap another picture. Wind half-way again, step again, snap again!

You can do this for a whole roll if you want, but i wouldn't recommend it. The longer the negative is, the harder to print or scan it! Trust me! I recommend a panoramic that is roughly the size of 3 negatives, not much larger than that.

A full article is featured here with 2 more techniques of doing this: (written by me and Mark Skorji)"

MOVING OBJECT submitted by alienlebarge
“Follow an object that is moving fast and SHOOT!!!!! The background will be blurry and the front won’ hu hu it's nice!"

HOLGA SAMPLER!! submitted by molotovcoketail
"Just follow these steps...
a. Get a Holga and remove the "12 frame mask"
b. Cut-out a mask like in the diagram with a piece of dark color cardboard
c. Place it in your Holga before the film and shoot!! After you shoot the last frame, don't forward the film. Remove the film in a darkroom and wind it back for the second exposure.
d. Rotate the mask to the other side as in the diagram, load the previous film and start shooting again... and there are the results.

Happy Holgaing... Oh, the credit goes to Xenin too!"

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