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  There’s been a lot of talk about Fuji Instax cameras of late because Instant photography is making a comeback! But for now we say, “less of the chat more of the Cheki on Cheki combat!” It’s ON.

There are 2 new Cheki cameras in the Lomography ring this time. Let us introduce our two contenders: the razor-sharp Instax Mini Cheki 25 and the smaller but totally savage Instax Mini Cheki 55i.

We have set team Cheki 55 and team Cheki 25 a total of 4 challenges to complete. But first let’s take a look at their vital statistics.

Cheki 55 vs. Cheki 25
  • Cheki 25 Stats
  • Self-shoot mirror
  • Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm
  • Intelligent flash
  • Motorized 3 position, collapsible lens
  • 2 shutter design for landscape & portrait pics
  • Uses Instax Mini film – creditcard size
  • Size – 11.2cm×12.1cm×5.05cm
  • Glossy finish
  • Full Specification
  • Cheki 55i Stats
  • Self-timer mode to take 2 consecutive images
  • Smallest Cheki – × 9.65cm × 4.95cm
  • Intelligent flash
  • LCD panel showing film counter,landscape & fill-in flash mode,light/dark control & self-timer mode
  • Close-up lens
  • Uses Instax Mini film – creditcard size
  • Full Specification  
chalange 01
  When you are in the thick of the action – there is no better companion than an instant camera. But how did these Chekis do when they were challenged to get the best action shots?
* The Cheki 55’s consecutive shooting function was the clear winner here as it allows you to get 2 sequential shots, one after the other.
chalange 02
  Chekis are perfect for documenting crazy things you have seen and done. So this challenge is a simple evidence gathering exercise. We told our Cheki teams to go out and bring back proof of something unbelievable.
*It’s a tie – both Cheki’s have proved the King is alive!
challenge 3
  Find me someone who doesn’t like to take a self-portraits and I’ll show you a big, furry fibber! Now that we’ve got that straight, the best thing is when you can get all your friends in on the shot too. We challenged our teams to see how many people they could fit perfectly in the frame, as well as themselves…
*The Cheki Mini 25 did very well in this challenge due to its unique self-shoot mirror.
challenge 4

We challenged our Cheki teams to a race. Who could move the camera 100m without using their hands.
*Although the chest-pass tactic was a stroke of genius for team Cheki 25, pocket-sized Cheki 55 was able to fit snugly in to the pocket!


Insatant World

There’s an instant photography revival going on! The Lomography Instant World is the brand new, one-stop for instant snap-shooting. Here you will find the most spontaneous and attention-seeking instant cams money can buy, all in one place. Most importantly you will also find the films you need keep your instant camera clicking!

the 3 minute challenge
  Instax mini film starts to develop as soon as you hit the release. In 2-3 minutes you should have a completely developed instant image. But what can you do in 3 minutes while you wait? We want you to show us! Send us your ‘Things you can do in 3 Minutes’ instant picture stories. The winners will appear on the Instant World microsite and in a special upcoming blog feature. The overall winner will receive 15 Piggy Points for their whoop-ass 3 minute wonder! Please send your instant picture stories to by Sunday 20th July 2008  
Things you can do in 3 Minutes
  Disclaimer: The Lomographic Society International in no way condones nor supports illegal and unregulated Cheki fighting and would like to add for the record that ALL Chekis are winners.  
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