Free + Discounted Holiday Shipping!
We give Shipping costs the ol’ Heave Ho (Free or Discounted shipping for all!)
Catch Shipping Cut-off dates before they set sail…
Pick up a pretty package
Lastminute Bounty-hunters look no further!
Ahoy fellow Lomograph’rs! Full with the holiday spirit, are we! “So let’s spread a little festive joy”, we thought, because nothing says ‘happy holidays’ from us to you better than free or discounted shipping on your Chrimbo orders.

But those shipping pirates drive a hard bargain. Oh aye! We wrangled, hustled, even went few rounds of fisticuffs before several pieces of silver crossed hands and we haggled a deal.
…But all you good people need to know is this:
Free Festive Shipping for Europe and the USA
29th of November to the 4th of December sees a unique opportunity for free shipping to Europe (EU) and the USA on orders of 75 EUR/$US or more.
Discounted Yuletide Shipping for the Rest of the world
Festive cheer is here no matter whether you are near or far! We will slice off 8 EUR/ $US from the shipping costs of all orders over 75 EUR/ $US going to the rest of the world. To get this 8 EUR/ $US discount remember to place your order before the 4th December cut off!
Shipping Cut-Off dates - Last Chance Saloon
Don’t walk the plank when it comes to the order deadlines! Our busy warehouse-folk will work around the clock to ensure your special gift is nestling cosily under the Christmas tree in time for the big day! To avoid the wobbly lips and watery-eyed disappointment of your nearest and dearest (or indeed yourself) all you have to do is get your order in before the cut-off dates below:

Dec 6: Canada Standard USPS delivery
Dec 12: USA West Coast Standard delivery (UPS ground)
Dec 12: Canada Express USPS delivery
Dec 13: USA Midwest Standard delivery (UPS ground)
Dec 14: Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, APO Express USPS
Dec 16: Asia Pacific & Rest of the World (DHL)
Dec 16: Europe (non EU) Standard delivery (DHL)
Dec 17: EU Standard delivery (DHL)
Dec 17: USA East Coast Standard delivery (UPS ground)
Dec 18: USA West Coast Express delivery (UPS)
Dec 18: Europe (non EU) Express delivery (DHL)
Dec 19: EU Express delivery (DHL)
Dec 19: USA East Coast, Midwest Express delivery (UPS).
Dec 21: USA Last day for any special request rush UPS deliveries.
Who’s got a Pretty Package Then?
Still got a few names to tick off on your present list and want to give something that doesn’t scream “PANIC BUY!” There is something to suit everyone. Check out these little life-savers….
LOMO LC-A+ package
a classic choice for those who prefer a traditional LOMO Christmas with all the trimmings
Diana+ Package
The new medium-format kid on the block for 2007 with a feast of extras
Holga Package
The dame of medium-format returns with a host of accompanying treats
White Stripes “Jack”
The Limited edition! Get it Now!
Wacky Pack
a completely random, SURPRISE! selection of LOMO goodies
Fantastic Plastic Pack
featuring all your fave LOMO plastic cameras
Lastminute LOMO Sale!
Why wait until after Christmas to hit the sales? These bargainous stocking fillers are just what you need to get yourself in the festive groove. These lastminute offers will turn into a pumpkins at the strike of midnight (CET time!) on 13th make sure you place your order by 13th December at the latest!
Colorsplash Ice Bear: The limited edition Colorsplash in ice-blue with faux-fur.
Get a free package of Fotoclips when ordering this beauty!
Dalek Supersampler Green: Limited Edition Super Sampler designed by Dalek.
Save 10 Eur / USD
Lomo Smena 35mm: The sweetest plastic hermano of the Smena familia.  Save 10 Eur / USD
Pinhole Art DIY 135: Dive into the world of 35mm pinhole photography.
Save 15 Eur / USD
Pinhole Art DIY Combo: Your entry to the 120mm world of pinhole photography.
Save 15 Eur / USD
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