Instant Lomography?
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Don't Think, It's just an Instant

Lomography, Yone and instant photography...

The Filmshop now features instant film
The best of both worlds - in an Instant!

Love film but hate to wait? It's a familiar tale. So what about Instant Film Photography?

Lomo has teamed up with those nice chaps at Fuji to bring you an exclusive special edition Fuji box-set featuring the exceedingly popular "Cheki" Instax Mini 50 instant film camera. It's a rare thing to snag this camera in Europe and the Americas so Lomo is especially pleased to present this very limited edition "Yone x Cheki" box-set.

Most of us remember the Polaroid with a tinge of nostalgia. You quite possibly have one knocking around the attic or gathering dust on the mantel.

The 'Cheki' Instax Mini 50 is in a whole new league to anything you've been used to. It's all the rage in Asia you know! This 'Cheki' is a sophisticated, pocket-sized, light-weight, Instant camera with all the mod-cons, bells and whistles. Here are a few of them...


  • Auto-adjustable shutter- the camera adjusts its shutter speed to the available light to avoid under or over exposure.
  • Take 2 continuous shots at the touch of a button with the Self-timer
  • Magnification function - blows pics to double the size without reducing quality
  • Fujinon lens - excellent quality, pure and simple
  • Close-Up lens - allows you to shoot up to 30cm away
  • Built-in intelligent flash - which ensures the background remains sharp
  • Fixed focus - 6m - infinity - means no fiddling around trying to focus here
  • Watch the photo start to develop instantly
  • Credit card sized photos = 32x46mm - that fit handily in your wallet

To see more of the Instax Mini 50's fantastic features check out the full spec.

Instant photography Revival!

What is Lomography if not a moment-hunter? "Don't think, just shoot" is a motto that instant photography champions. You get the best of both worlds. The feeling of capturing a fleeting mood or motion and seeing it develop in front of your very eyes. Unlike digital photography you get to hold that instant in your hands. Snap. Wave it around a bit. Take a look. Have a laugh about it. Put it in your pocket to keep for later.

Action is a doing word. And whatever you're up to, instant photography is a fun way to document it. The Cheki Instax Mini 50 is the side-kick of daylight comings and goings and the built-in flash seeks out night-time pit stops and play.

Instant Gratification comes in a box-set...

This special edition box-set Yone x Cheki is a collabo between Fuji and Japanese cult photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (Yone) with artwork by graffiti artist Fafi.

Lomo and Yone go back a while. Back in 2000 in fact, when Yone was invited to hold an exhibition of his instant photos at Lomo headquarters. His trademark is Cheki - Polaroid style- shots of girls in provocative and playful poses. His distinctive style has made him the master of new Ero-Kawa photography; eroticism and cuteness fused into one.

As a self-taught photographer, he blatantly doesn't give a monkey's about technique and convention. He captures his subjects with just the flash or available light. His casual sexy exhibitionism is an expression of the rising counter-culture rebellion against the traditional Japanese establishment.

A booklet including examples of Yone's work, one Yone photo print as well as his tips for getting the best from your Instax Mini 50 are included in the package.

Fafi used to sneak out from her parents house when she was a teenager to paint Toulouse's walls with her Faffinettes. Her illustrations of funny, raunchy and sometimes aggressive female characters explore stereotypes of femininity. These same beautiful and colourful characters can be found in the box-set on stickers, around the border of the instax film and all over the packaging.

What's in the box?
  • 'Cheki' Fuji Instax Mini 50
  • Fuji Instax Mini colour film - 10 pack with border artwork by Fafi
  • LoveYone Booklet
  • Fafiette stickers
  • Yonehara photo print

Have a look at the Manual here:

Official Yone Blog:
Yone website:

Instant film - a new addition to the Filmshop!

The Fuji Instax Mini film is the first instant film to join the Lomo Filmshop. There is another reason for our enthusiasm. Until now, getting hold of this type of instant film, and indeed these Cheki cameras, outside of Asia, has been like trying to get a Chihuahua to do the Fandango. Not an easy task, I can tell you.

Lomo is pleased to offer the Instax Mini Film which is compatible with the Cheki Instax Mini 50 camera and also the Miu Miu Polaroid camera.

The credit-card sized Instax Mini film comes in handy cartridges of 10 and has all the speedy benefits of being an 800 ISO film. Sharp, fine grained and colour perfect - instant film has come a long way! The Instax Mini film has an accelerated development system which means instant photo gratification!

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