The Lomographic Society International Proudly Presents

Adam Scott
The World Through A Plastic Lens

For more years then we’d care to count, the Holga has held a firm and unyielding grasp on our psyche. Try as we might, we just can’t resist its gleaming plastic lens, its foolish too-big body, its mind-blowing 120 film format, and its sheerly beautiful dreamlike images. It’s safe to say that we, along with hundreds of thousands of Lomographers across the world, are obsessed.
In honor of this all-consuming passion, we’ve created the greatest and only book dedicated to the global Lomographic pursuit of Holga mastery. Edited by Adam Scott, “The World Through A Plastic Lens” is absolutely bursting with the finest medium-format Holga masterpieces that the world has ever seen. We’re talking over 500 images – submitted by the Lomographic community at large and hand-edited into a dazzling stream of soft-focus, cross-processed, light-leaked, multiple-exposed, and pseudo-panoramic masterpieces. And sprinkle on top of that a full list of tips and tricks – from old faves to ones ain’t no one ever heard of, revealing Holga addict profiles, and a beautiful hardcover binding that directly recalls the Holga’s beautiful plastic faux-leather wrapping. Get a copy, clear your schedule, and join the obsession.

Available now for 20 Euro/USD! Or get “The World Through A Plastic Lens” as part of our tempting Holga packages!

  • 306 shining pages, bound within a Holga-skin hardcover
  • Edited by Adam Scott, one of the world’s grandmasters of all things Holga
  • Over 500 awesome Holga images from over 150 amazing Lomographers
  • A hand-selection of the greatest & strangest Holga tips n’ tricks
  • Filled with every Holga style: colorflashed, 35mm, fake panoramas, multiple exposures, x-pro, and more!
  • A gaggle of Holga addict profiles – complete with revealing portraits

Holga Packages

The New Holga Microsite Portal

It’s only fitting that a king deserves a throne, so with that in mind, allow us to introduce the brand-spanking new Holga microsite. Like its esteemed Horizon and Fisheye brothers, the new Holga site contains a ton of images, real-time updates on tips and photo uploads, and all the info, history, and techniques that you can handle. Be sure to pay us a visit there.

  • Enormous new image galleries
  • Real-time updates on slamming new photo uploads and hot new tips
  • The Incredible history and development of Holga
  • Every Holga technique known to Lomography
  • More “Ho Gwong” than you can shake a stick at.

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